Saturday, June 5, 2010

Help For Non-Profits

Compassion In Action..helping Non-Profits to raise all the funds they need at no cost to anyone.

To participate in this great program click on the link below and sign up for FREE.
Please share this site with every Non-Profit organization that needs to raise funds

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  1. Endtime Harvest Church = AFRICAN TASK MISSION NETWORK

    Vision & Mission Profile

    Our Vision is to reach the African countries for Training & teaching

    Our Mission is to reach the African countries for training to train the Africa Leaders on this areas: follow

    1 Religions Leaders

    2 Politics Leaders

    3 Community & Social Leaders

    4 Business man 5 Government Leaders

    6 and other sectors in the African continent

    To achieve the goals of our ATMN mission to educate the all kind of the leadership in Africa and to impact the countries of education, to know
    the best way of the African Development we invite the Religions leaders
    to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to Preach the peace in African

    We invite the politics leaders and governmental, to teach the African, politics leaders to make clear way and awareness of the African
    Democracy and to increase the peace in African continent.

    We invites the community and social leaders to educate our community and the society of Africa to know were the African people for the
    purpose of God even our colors black color it is not judgment from god,
    so we can face the problems like HIV.AIDS and poverty in African
    continent thorough deferent ways.

    we invite the Business man To make the awareness of the business man in Africa and out of Africa to fight the economic s criss. In Africa and
    to share one another the resources &business education and to know
    the good way to uses resources 7 Materials

    we invite governmental

    To teach the government leaders which the good way to use the authorities for the voting time to increase the Democracy in African
    and to know the African peoples were a one to say stop fighting one
    another in Africa and to Decree the peace in Africa and to make a
    African continent to be a unity

    ATMN 3204
    Dodoma Tanzania